Friday, November 7, 2008

Articles 11.04.08

Our most recent batch of articles focuses on the retail sector.

For those of us who've gotten tired of the typical fast food fare (McDonald's, Panda Express, Wok N' Roll) found at local shopping centers "Food Courts for Food Lovers" describes the recent and welcomed trend of replacing traditional food courts with higher end food courts focusing on comfort, atmosphere, and fresh food.

The story "Incentive Enough" describes the unscrupulous accounting trick that one recently bankrupt retailer, Steve and Barry, used to artificially inflate their earnings.

Those of you with empty retail space will be interested in the article "Vacancies to cash cows" which describes how vacant stores can easily be converted into valuable ad space.

Next time you spend 15 minutes lost in a multi-tiered parking structure, think about the article "Beyond Valet Parking". This describes a high-tech parking system that reduces parking time by up to 55%.

"Developers cut 2008 pipeline by one third": does this is article really need an explanation?

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