Monday, February 23, 2009

Articles 02.23.09

Many cities in the United States have watched their downtowns and urban centers deteriorate as large shopping and power centers are constructed on their periphery. European planners, however, have used shopping centers to help revitalize the downtown areas of their cities. For more on this read the article "Revitalizing Urban Centers through Retail."

"Store Closings" is very simple. It is a master database setting forth stores that will be closing over the next year.

I've always been critical of federal and state policy that has promoted the suburbanization of America at the expense of inner-city investment. What is ironic is that high density city living is far more "green" than suburban living. Read the article "Green Cities, Brown Suburbs" to learn why New York City is one of the "greenest" places in America.

Forget "Girls Gone Wild." To really experience debauchery and drunken behavior see the article "Condos Gone Bad."

Despite the tough economy deals are getting made. My partner, Peter Braus, recently authored the article "Wooing Tenants in a Down Market" which outlines strategies that property owners can adopt to adapt to the realities of the current market.

When you're at a dinner party, do you put your olive pits on the bread plate to your left or to your right? You'd be surprised at how many people lack proper dining etiquette (me included)! The article "Dining Etiquette" will help you to avoid committing major dining faux pas.

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