Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Articles 04.15.09

How about some good news for a change? Apparently, despite recent economic woes, New York City is still the Big Apple and many young people's eyes. In fact, the recent downturn has actually resulted in many recently unemployed relocating to New York in search of their big break. This phenomenon is described in "Arrivals, New York."

"Recycling Suburbs" is featured in Time Magazine as one of the 10 ideas that are changing the world. This article describes the transformation that is occurring in many existing suburbs to bring them into the 21st century and to make them "greener."

For a description of how the 47,000 miles of the interstate highway system can be adapted to better serve the 21st century see the article "Reinstating the Interstate." No longer was the interstate simply be a roadway to transport cars from place to place but it can now serve as the basic infrastructure for creating light rail systems and extending the power grid.

Have you ever been curious about what the various style hats mean that are worn by Hasidic men? I always thought that the style of hat indicated the region of Eastern Europe from which the family had emigrated. I was wrong. The correct answer, look at the article "Hasidic Haberdashery."

Most of us have very little idea how to interview a prospective employee or to check their references. For some guidance, look at the article "Reference Checks."

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