Monday, August 24, 2009

Articles 08.24.09

In my 6/6/09 blog posting, I mentioned that the average retail space per capita in the United States is 20 ft” per person, while in the outer boroughs of New York it is only 6 ft” per person. The suggestion was that the outer boroughs of New York are under retailed. However, the article "Repurpose-Driven Life" argues that the opposite is true. Compared to our our European -- and other -- counterparts, the United States is grossly over retailed.

"Where New York Ranks" provide some very interesting statistics and facts. New York, for instance, has the highest worker productivity among states but also suffers from the highest income inequality.

Lesson learned: hipsters are not a sound foundation on which to rebuild a new neighborhood. The bloodbath occurring in Williamsburg certainly attests to that.Not exactly a shock. A doff of our porkpie hat to the article "Billy Burg Bust."

A detailed description of how changes in federal policy has benefited, or will benefit, New York is explained in the article "Obama six months later."

Want to know what stores will be filling up all our vacant retail space? Check out the article "Return of the Chains." Coming to Madison Avenue: "Dunkin' Doughnuts" and "Subway"? That's an image: social x-rays (remember that term from Bonfire of the Vanities?") marching down the Avenue in their Jimmy Choos, cockadoodle in tow, chowing down on jelly doughnuts and Double Stacked Subs, between Pilates classes and Botox injections.

Some of New York's best sandwiches are described in "Heaven on Bread." Having tried several of the sandwiches, I have to agree that they are truly wonderful. Just make sure you wipe the crumbs off of your shirt when you're done.

The editorial "Meaning of Life" answers all our questions. It's all about the trade-off between longevity and quality of life. Would you rather be fat and happy but live a shorter life, or thin and miserable but live to be 120? If you want to live to be a ripe old age, skip the article "Meaning of Life." It might make you happy but it may also kill you. Some choice!

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