Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Articles 09.08.09

"We are not alone" is an article I wrote describing my experience of discovering my alter ego on the Internet.

Our friends in the city Council are once again contemplating a system of regulations for small retail stores in New York. I discovered this while reading a newsletter from Councilwoman Gail Brewer. I sent her a response -- read it here: "Commercial Rent Regulation."

One sign of a stumbling economy is the proliferation of burger joints throughout the city. For those of you taking Lipitor, check out the best burgers in the article "Burger Kings."

The article "Bronx Burning Failed Deals" describes the bloodbath that is occurring in the Bronx. As those of us who have been in this business over several real estate cycles recognize, marginal neighborhoods are the ones that get hit hardest during economic downturns.

Looking for opportunities buying distressed debt? Check out the article "Mezzanine Lenders Swoop in."

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