Friday, February 26, 2010

Interesting news from around the city

Trailer Park Hipsters: you have to admire the entrepreneurial spirit particularly when it comes to real estate in New York.

I remember the "beach barge" that several years ago some nightclub operators created by pouring sand in a barge and mooring it to the Manhattan side of the East River. It lasted about five days before the city shut it down. I was not surprised then when I heard that some fledgling young real estate moguls decided to create a trailer park in an old warehouse in Bushwick.

I decided to take a look for myself and drove out there one Saturday morning. It was difficult to locate since it's behind an unmarked door. However, when I got inside I found half a dozen broken down trailers set up with numerous twentysomethings milling about.

"Interesting," I thought. When will the city shut them down?"

As it turns out, while it lasted little bit longer than the beach barge, the trailer park was recently shut down by the fire department.

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I particularly like the bearded guy in Paris.

Another sign of the times: one imaginative and entrepreneurial company seeking to take advantage of a terrible real estate market has taken a chapter from those airport vendors offering to wrap your suitcase in plastic and are offering to wrap unfinished condominium construction projects in plastic so that they can be put on hold and resumed later.

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