Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Articles 10.19.10

Food Glorious Food!
As a partial result of the economic downturn, street food has evolved significantly over the past two years. Affordable, good quality food and low operating expenses have become top priorities on the NYC lunch scene, and entrepreneurs have discovered that the food truck is far more cost-efficient than opening a restaurant. The trend is growing and the wide variety of foods being offered by these trucks is only exceeded by the various walks of life from which the entrepreneurs come.

Food trucks have now become such a part of our epicurean pop-culture that they even have their own annual awards -- the "Vendy’s." For a quick, cheap curbside meal, visit one of these trucks.

For those food snobs among you who wouldn't be caught dead eating a bison burger at a curbside food truck check out the article "Best of NYC Dining: 10 Most Exciting Restaurants."

And for the latest trends in restaurant design take a look at the article "Great-good-places."

Now that you've gorged yourself on a cholesterol-rich lunch from the trucks then hit one of Manhattan's most exciting restaurants for dinner, you should read the article "Fourth Stroke Indicator." Early detection can be an absolute lifesaver.

Innovations in Parking

An idea whose

time has arrived! Bicycle parking, one dollar a day, $20 a month. No more biking around with a 25 pound chain and lock wrapped around your waist.

For truly cutting edge parking technology take a look at the presentation for the "Multi-Parker 730."

Road Trip!

Next time you're itching to put the pedal to the metal and feel the wind of the road ripping through your golden locks, take look at the article "27 Ultimate Road Trips" first for some interesting rides.

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Meryl Pearlstein said...

Take a look at this NYC "Best Food Trucks" list on Gayot.com http://www.gayot.com/restaurants/best-newyork-ny-top10-food-trucks_1ny.html. They're all my favorites.