Friday, January 9, 2009

Articles 01.09.09

"Stress in the City” offers a quick snapshot of what's in store for 2009. While these numbers are cause for concern they must be kept in perspective. It is projected that the city will lose 175,000 jobs over the next one or two years. While this is a very high number it is lower then the 225,000 jobs that were lost in 2001, the 325,000 jobs that were lost in the late 1980s and the 610,000 jobs that were lost in the 1970s.On the other hand, it feels to me as if the City's economic circumstances are far worse than they were in 2001. Let's hope that job losses do not exceed the 175,000 jobs that are currently projected to be lost.

Now for some good news: a recent Appellate Division, second Department decision determined that a residential landlord has no duty to mitigate damages arising from a tenant's lease default. See the article "Damages" for the full text of the decision.

In a divided decision, Appellate Division, First apartment has reversed a former decision that allowed residential landlords to terminate the lease of a tenant that is subletting her apartment for an excessive profit. For the full text of the decision, see "Roommate Profiteering."

For the foodies among you, I include the article "The Simpler Pleasures," which is New York magazine's list of where to eat in 2009.

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