Friday, January 30, 2009

Articles 01.30.09

To understand the magnitude of the issues facing our city over the next several years it is instructive to understand what happened in previous downturns. “Future of NYC: How Bad Will It Get?” provides an invaluable history lesson. When reading this article keep in mind that current predictions are that the City will lose a total of about 250,000 jobs by the middle of 2010 although this number has been climbing every month.

For those of us who have been compelled to sit on the sidelines the last couple years while the spreadsheet cowboys have been chasing deals with cheap money, the article “Return to Fundamentals in Time of Crisis” is a breath of fresh air. Isn't this how deals were always supposed to be done?

“London and New York in the 21st Century” is an interesting analysis of what these two cities must do over the long term to maintain their stature as the foremost commercial centers of the world.

For the brave souls among you who would like to celebrate The Year of the Ox, “Fine China” offers recommendations for several restaurants in Manhattan's Chinatown. Enjoy!

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